Oxfordshire Online Advertising, Training and consultancy


A regular seminar will run throughout the year which acts as an introduction to modern online marketing systems. The emphasis is on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and paid advertising in the form of Pay Per Click (PPC).


The courses are set to run for a whole morning. You will need to bring a laptop with built in WiFi or dongle. Each course will run for four hours with a break of 15 minutes in the middle. All courses are interactive and real accounts will be used throughout. Prices and full details can be found via the page links to each course from the courses page Here

There are two types of courses. The first type is focused on online marketing techniques, with the other type aimed at web developers or more advanced marketing students. This second type of course goes over website systems to allow for optimal conversions. With subjects such as Javascript development, A/B testing, multivariant testing and responsive web design.


The training is led by Kevin O'Brien who has been providing SEO and targeted website designs for UK based companies since 2005. He has developed many successful sites using analytics software to help train his own clients, so you'll be gaining a lot of advantage for all of his experience. Kevin always works on making the training session as fun as possible and works towards modifying the course towards your specific services and products.


Kevin has worked with many local Oxfordshire and national companies. From periods as little as three months to ongoing work with some clients now up to 10 years. Often he can adapt a companies online startegy quickly and find out what does and does not work. This often leads on to further projects. But sometimes even a short three month contract can make a huge difference. They often will learn enough skills to continue without further input.

Kevin has a degree in Electronics and an Honours degree in physics from Kingston Polytechnic. His initial background was in parallel computing at Harwell Laboratories in Oxfordshire with the company CFX. His focus now, is to train small business owners and company employees in proven, measured, scientific advertising methods.

SEO and PPC courses near Oxford

Use the contact form below for more information on our consultancy service. The seminar (or initial consultancy meeting) provides a short introduction of how to implement successful online methods to generate extra sales and leads.

The Venue

Seminars and WebOptimal Courses are all held at St Ethelwold's House, 30 East St Helen Street, Abingdon, Oxford, OX14 5ED Tel : 07739 351114 for more details about parking and directions please click here