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How to Integrate Call Tracking Data with Your Analytics

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(by Kevin O'Brien 04 Jun 2015 )

Offline marketing finally has caught up with the same techniques we use for online tracking.Before now, the marketing world was divided into separate camps online, print, television etc.

Developing A Call To Action Mindset

(by Kevin O'Brien 01/06/2015)

When we market products or services online we are often looking for ideas or some kind of inspiration to produce a well designed call to action.But does this search really need to be difficult?

Optimal Layouts To Use For Search Crawlers

(by Kevin O'Brien 2/3/2015)

When you're constructing a Web page you want it to be optimized for search engines, you can set up your page content so that important parts of the text in the html come first.

Search Engines Read HTML Linearly

Search engine spiders crawl through your HTML and read it in the order that it's written upon the page.

The Growth Of Responsive Web Designs

(by Kevin O'Brien 1/1/2015)

A recent poll by Google shows over 80% of their followers on Google plus have said they are using responsive web design (RWD).But is this really indicative of the internet as a whole?

If this seems a high number to you then you are not the only one.

kevin O'Brien
04 Jun 2015

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