Optimal Layouts To Use For Search Crawlers

(by Kevin O'Brien 2/3/2015)

When you're constructing a Web page you want it to be optimized for search engines, you can set up your page content so that important parts of the text in the html come first.

Search Engines Read HTML Linearly

Search engine spiders crawl through your HTML and read it in the order that it's written upon the page. The consensus is that most search engines give slightly higher priority to text that appears towards the beginning or top of the HTML document.

Search Crawlers Don't Have Intelligence

Crawlers will mark blocks of text placed at the top of your document as important because they do not have any human inteligence to recognize what parts of the page are the most important or most relevant. So it makes sense to put the Most Important Content First

When you want to build a Web page optimized for search engines, you want the most important content first in the HTML. This means things like navigation should come after your main content. The closer you can get your content to the <body> tag, the higher priority it will have in the search engines.

How To Ensure Important Text Comes First

But the problem is that getting your content first can be difficult with most layouts. For example, if you create a 2-column layout with navigation on the left - a very common layout - the navigation will, by necessity, appear first in the HTML in a table. But with CSS, you can create a layout where the navigation appears to the left, but is in the HTML second.

The easiest way to create a layout that allows the content to be first, but the navigation column to be wherever you would like it - on the right or left - is to float the columns.

Simply place your content in the first division of your HTML, and float that to the right. Then place your navigation in the second division of your HTML and float it to the left.

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