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Listed below are a few short testimonial examples within some of the industries that I provide online marketing consultant services. My current focus is to help more local companies near Swindon or nearby in Oxfordshire. I want to show how successful well-managed online advertsing works when combined with SEO.

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Online marketing consultant service and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising methods near Swindon

Map directions from Swindon to the Online Marketing Seminar Venue in Abingdon

  • 27.1 miles 45 min without traffic
  • Swindon UK
  • Take Drove Rd and A4312 to A420 8 min (2.9 mi)
  • Follow A420 to Abingdon Rd in Oxfordshire 25 min (18.7 mi)
  • Continue on Abingdon Rd. Take Faringdon Rd, Barrow Rd and Faringdon Rd
  • to National Route NCN 5 in Abingdon 14 min (5.5 mi)
  • Turn right onto Abingdon Rd 1.2 mi
  • Turn right onto A338 148 ft
  • Turn left onto Faringdon Rd 2.0 mi
  • Turn left onto Barrow Rd 0.8 mi
  • Turn right onto Faringdon Rd Go through 1 roundabout 0.8 mi
  • At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Bath St/B4017 0.2 mi
  • Turn left onto Stratton Way/A415 0.1 mi
  • Turn right onto Stert St/A415 0.2 mi
  • Turn right onto Market Pl/National Route NCN 5 Continue to follow
  • National Route NCN 5 Destination will be on the left 0.1 mi
  • Ethelwold House


The travel industry makes up a large percentage of Google's revenue. Based on a report published back in 2011, travel and tourism is the third highest spending industry when it comes to AdWords.

Online marketing consultant in Swindon

I doubt this has changed a great deal since then. With many major players in the travel industry, the costs and advertising landscape is getting more and more competitive so it is vital that you manage your paid search account effectively.

With our Gainsborough Property client you can get an idea of how this can be done. Hannah Ellis is the Managing director and explains some of the methods we developed to increase her profits and market share. Click here for the full details. If you want to find out how I can help your hospitality business gain advantage using modern online marketing methods, please get in touch.
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Promotional Work

A PPC project was set up with the Oxford Quality Center (OQC) to get them up and running using PPC and SEO. Work began by finding out from Carl Kruger the CEO, what needed to be put in place for direct online advertising.

Online marketing consultant services and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising service near Swindon

We ran a full suit of online marketing methods, with split testing of all of their inner landing page designs.

In the video Carl gives a brief guide to how we evolved the inner landing pages through split testing. He talks about a four fold increase in targeted website traffic and the doubling of sales over consecutive months. This is what can be achieved when working together using a measured scientific approach to advertising, via PPC direct online advertising.

If you provide business consultant services and the terms SEO, W3C, PPC, AB tests, Multivariate tests and funding tests are new to you, then I can help you. For more information on how we helped Carl please click here

To find out how I can help your company gain these advantages, please get in touch. Tel : 07739 351114 or 01235 884592

Property Rental

We began working with the property rental company Jennings. To promote rooms for hire. We began by fixing thier landing page. After some adjustments and trials we eventually converged to a winning version.

Online marketing consultant services and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising service near Swindon

We quickly saw a growth of highly targeted keyword phrases for meeting rooms during the first six months of advertising using Pay Per Click (PPC).

This has been and continues to be an extraordinary successful PPC campaign. Chris Williams (Jennings Commercial Manager) describes the process of how we matched up customers to meeting rooms. The aim was to give customers exactly what they were looking for. Listen to the interview for a short summary of how we did this.

If you rent out property or rooms you can gain an advantage working with someone who has already worked out how to do this the right way. For the knowledge of how to use proven advert testing concepts get in touch
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The video descriptions included on this site were provided by my clients describing how they utilised methods and techniques that have proved successful. To view these video clips click here, here and here. For more information on what can be achieved with these techniques please do get in touch or you could also attend one of the hour long seminars to get a more in depth introduction.
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Online marketing consultant service and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising methods near Swindon

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