Javascript Essentials

An optimal, four hour kick-start course, to get up to speed fast, with javascript programming. A relatively easy, sophisticated, expressive and very capable, future proof computer programming language.

Today the technology exists for web designers to master an advanced and forgiving modern language. With just access to a simple web browser (Chrome or Firefox)

This short course is designed to introduce the essentials of the language. Using clear and concise explanations of the most useful constructs.

This is what we will cover:-

  • How to insert code in a web page
  • Building a simple application
  • Understanding the scope rules
  • The concept of prototypes
  • Explaining closure and object methods
  • The javascript object model
Price is £160 This four hour kick start course will run monthly. Normally on the first Monday of the calendar month. The course is restricted to 5 attendees only at any one time. This allows for better interaction.

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What happens on this kick start course?

After completing this class, you'll have a working knowledge on javascript programming. You'll learn the following concepts.

Short video here from a youtuber named Jake Write. We will be going much further than this short intro. But this can get you started.

What are the prerequisites for this course?

All you will need is a desire to learn. A pen, note pad and a laptop. The only future obstacle is the time needed to master javascript. This course will reduce that time dramatically.

A Superb Oxfordshire Venue

The venue for all Optimal courses and seminars is the beautiful building of St Ethelwold's House Abingdon. Details, address directions and local council owned car park area here