PPC Marketing Course

An Optimal, four hour kick-start course, to get up to speed fast, with PPC advertising.

Today the technology exists to bridge the gap between offline and online adverts.

This short course is designed to teach you just enough to get you set up with a new PPC account and make it work for your products and services.

This is what we will cover:-

  • Understanding how pay-per-click (PPC) works.
  • Determining the Objectives.
  • Setting up an account.
  • Finding your phrases.
  • The art of budgeting.
  • Advert design.
  • Landing page design.
  • Tracking and A/B testing.

You will need a laptop with wifi access.

Price is £160 This PPC four hour kick start course will run on the first Wednesday of each calendar month. Note: Space is only available for 5 attendees at any one time. This allows for interactive more personal sessions.

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What happens on this kick start course?

After completing this class, you'll have a working understanding of PPC with the features listed below. (Although we'll be using Google Adwords to explain PPC. The exact same strategies are applicable in other advertising platforms.)

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Why does this course matter?

Because advertising is changing fast. PPC enables you to move as quickly as the rest, to design, develop and roll out winning advert campaigns with ease.

A Superb Oxfordshire Venue

The venue for all Optimal courses and seminars is the beautiful building of St Ethelwold's House Abingdon. Details, address directions and local council owned car park area here.