Responsive Web Design

An optimal, four hour kick-start course, to get up to speed fast, with CSS3, HTML5 and the mobile first design method. A relatively easy upgrade if your a web designer who wants to understand the new technologies behind making responsive website designs. If your not a web designer but have some experience with HTML then this will give you the latest methods to build your own website.

Today we can now use much of CSS3 and HTML5 which in effect makes building responsive layouts much easier than before

This short course is designed to introduce you to the essentials of responsive designs. Using clear and concise explanations of the most useful constructs.

This is what we will cover:-

  • CSS2 and CSS3 Selector rules
  • The most useful HTML5 syntax
  • Understanding CSS Media Types
  • Mobile First Design technique
  • Dynamic navigation controls
  • Explore how the Bootstrap framework uses CSS
Price is £160 This four hour kick start course will run monthly. Normally on the first Wednesday of the calendar month. The course is restricted to 5 attendees only at any one time. This allows for better interaction.

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What happens on this kick start course?

After completing this class, you'll have a working knowledge on CSS3 and HTML5. You'll cover the following concepts.

How to design for multiple devices.
How to use the browsers CSS inspector tools.
Understanding media types to resize pages.
Usage of the jquery library
Introduction to Bootstrap and how it uses CSS to make grid layouts easier

What are the prerequisites for this course?

All you will need is a desire to learn. A pen, note pad and a laptop. The only future obstacle is the time needed to master CSS3 selector rules. This course will reduce that time dramatically.

A Superb Oxfordshire Venue

The venue for all Optimal courses and seminars is the beautiful building of St Ethelwold's House Abingdon. Details, address directions and local council owned car park area here