Leisure, Hotel and Holiday Bookings.

Below is a spreadsheet of booking profits by marketing streams with permission from Gainsborough Property. (I advertise their commercial properties for sale and rent along with their cottage holiday sites)

The channel labelled 'Flatsite DHC' is the name used for the marketing that comes directly through their own websites (DHC=Direct Home site Conversions) that I have built and use to advertise their cottage holidays using both Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). You can clearly see that this represents over 50% of all their turnover.

Over the last seven years the development of their websites and the online marketing has resulted in direct website bookings which now dominate compared to the other marketing channels. So, Gainsborough properties (as well as getting many more of their cottages booked throughout the year) now save substantial sums of money on not having to pay large fees to the usual commission based marketing streams. The video refers directly to these report results.

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Marketing Holiday Cottages!

Listen to how Hannah uses my reports for her marketing budget plans

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