Landing page development for meeting rooms.

Jennings properties rent out offices and office space along with meeting rooms. I have been running Pay Per Click (PPC) adverts into a carefully crafted landing page for over 6 years for them.

We began without a properly set up landing page. After some adjustments and trials we eventually converged to a winning page. The plot below shows the growth of highly targeted keyword phrases for meeting rooms during the first six months of advertising using Pay Per Click (PPC).

This has been and continues to be an extraordinary successful PPC campaign. Chris Williams (Jennings Commercial Manager) describes the process of how we matched up customers to meeting rooms. The aim is to give customers exactly what they are looking for. Listen to the interview for a short summary of how we did this.

SEO training course oxfordshire

If you rent out property or rooms and the terms SEO, W3C, PPC, AB tests, Multivariate tests and funding tests are new to you, then you will gain an immediate advantage attending the next available seminar. As these and other proven advert testing concepts will be covered. Sample below from the Jennings landing page. Click it to see live version.

Marketing Meeting Rooms

Use the contact form below for more information on our consultancy service. The seminar (or initial consultancy meeting) provides a short introduction of how to implement successful online methods to generate extra sales and leads.

The Venue

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