Older Designs Still Work Using Direct Advertising

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Here we have an example of how any design can work well, with direct PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising. This website design is slightly dated. The plan is to eventually get it re-designed. But even as it is, direct PPC advertising has generated a four fold increase in traffic to their website, with a significant increase in business (View Video). To achieve that, we built a number of very "product specific" inner landing pages using an optimised PPC campaign.

The PPC project with OQC began by working out, with Carl Kruger the CEO, what needed to be put in place for direct online advertising. We ran a full suit of online marketing methods, with split testing of all of their inner landing page designs. Below is the chart that shows the growth in website traffic since we started to work together.

In the video Carl gives a brief guide to how we evolved the inner landing pages through split testing. He talks about a four fold increase in targeted website traffic and the doubling of sales over consecutive months. This is what can be achieved when working together using a measured scientific approach to advertising, via PPC direct online advertising.

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